PUBG Mobile Lite APK Free Download {Updated Version} for Android & IOS (2019)

Game lovers are used to playing games that are more adventurous and thrilled. A famous game day by day, PUBG Mobile Lite is a multiplayer game where you can play with expert players in all over the world. The basic theme of this game is, you have to play with a hundred players shooting off in a fight. Your aim is to kill that ninety-nine player and become an only survivor.

 PUBG Mobile Lite APK 

This game provides you the best graphics quality with audio playback. The original game requires a large space in your android so the developers develop PUBG Mobile Lite Android, an easy mode requires small space in your device.This version has the same exact features that are in original PUBG.

PUBG mobile lite

The main advantage is this version requires you not to make a great space. Later on, I will discuss some great features of this game. Just stay with us!People like to play the game with the best players and this game allows you to play with ninety-nine best players at the beginning. Then you have to fig with them by making strategies. This game’s motto is to kill or be killed.

You have to defend yourself and find the best landing spot. This game is designed having different mods where you can enhance your skills in a real like environment.This game has a collection of weapons including cars and other vehicles where the gamer select weapon according to his requirements.

So are you ready to go for an adventure with PUBG Lite Android?So let’s begin with features and some basic detail about the downloading procedure. You just read this article till the end. Let’s have a thrill!

File Details

NamePUBG Mobile Lite
Size34.0 MB
DevelopersTencent Games
Android Capability7.0 & Above

 PUBG Mobile Lite Game Features 

There are many features in the game that will help you to enjoy in your free time. Are you looking for the features? There are many features in this version of PUBG Lite that are not available in any other version of the game. Stay with me for the details of the features!


Globally you can play this game with the best gamers. You can make your own best possible strategies. You are allowed to connect in a live conversation with engaging players. This feature allows you to handle and adjust your position in every critical environment. This is very important because everyone in this game will push you down but you must sure to have a backup plan.

pubg mobile lite download

You can play with the person who is sitting in the other part of the world but you should have an internet connection for this purpose. So I can say that it is a drawback because it is not possible for everyone to access the internet connection.

Moreover, you can make alliances in the game to make your strong position. If you don’t have alliances, you will not be able to fight against the enemy who has a big number of alliances. It means that it is also a strategic game. But there is an action, adventure and many other things in the game.


This game allows you to have the awesome collection of weapons to face crucial environment. You can select weapons according to your requirements. Each weapon in this game has its own features which help you in its own specific way. You can collect weapons and defend yourself.

As I already told, it is an action, adventure game. It is possible that you will fight with someone in the game for your survival. But you will not be able to fight against your enemies without weapons. In other versions of the game, you can choose and pick multiple weapons but you have to choose the little number of weapons in this version.

If you don’t know the use of weapons, don’t worry because you can get a complete guide from the game to use weapons. For more information, you can also visit the other pages of this website. I hope you will find your required information free of cost.

Selection of Cars

A most exciting feature of PUBG Mobile IOS is you can select cars during the game play. There is a huge collection of cars, you can select cars, trucks, motorcycles, vans and much more. You can explore land using vehicles. But here you have to care while driving, it can fascinate unwanted courtesy which may harm you. So keep playing and find the best way to reach your target.

The game is also known as an adventure game. You can move from one place to another but you should have a vehicle to move from one place to another to compete your enemies. There are many cars in the game. It depends on you that which one you select for your use in the game.

High Graphics

Another quality of this game is, it offers the best Engine 4 graphics which allows a player to have the best experience. The players feel like it’s really happening with audio playback. With thrilling sounds of weapons, vehicles and fights make this game’s environment a more realistic.

In this modern era, a game without high graphics is useless. Many people or gamers don’t play games that do not have high graphics. If you are also looking for the high graphics game, then PUBG is a trend in this point of view.

Some people can think that PUBG Mobile Lite is a lite version so, it does not provide high-quality features. That’s not the case but there is the same graphics quality that is available in other versions. You can say that it lacks features but you don’t say that available features don’t have high quality.

pubg mobile lite android

Team Playing

As you have to fight and defend yourself to win. So you can make a team up to four to five players. The goal is you and your squad will survive till last. You can fun with players and complete each challenge will allow you to improve your skills. Your mistake is considered as a mistake committed by everyone. So, you are responsible to play and give the best for the survival of the entire team.

I already discussed the concept of alliances. In real life, there is an option for you to make alliances. Same as it is you can do in the game to make your strong position. If you don’t have alliances, you will not be able to fight against the enemy who has a big number of alliances. It means that it is also a strategic game. But there is an action, adventure and many other things in the game.


There is another feature in PUBG APK Android known as compatibility. Many games don’t good at compatibility point of view but you don’t need to worry about this issue. The developer of the game has provided some extra features in the game that allow the users to play with the high compatibility. Moreover, there are many features that are not available in other versions of the same game but available in this version.


It is available 24/7 in all parts of the world. It is only possible with the powerful servers of the game. I have played many games but the availability was the major issue with some games. If you have experienced the same thing in your life, then you don’t need to worry because you will not face this problem in PUBG Mobile Lite. The availability of the servers can be measured in uptime and downtime of the server. So the uptime of the server is 99.9% and the downtime is just 0.1% that is an excellent thing about this game.

 How to Download and Install PUBG Mobile Lite? 

pubg mobile lite ios

If you are looking to download this game for your mobile device, then you are at right place. Millions of people are looking to download this game. If you are also one of those people, stay with me! Here, I will explain a few steps which you have to follow for downloading. Without wasting time let’s see which step you have to follow.

  • First of all, you should have enough storage space in your device to store the APK file.
  • Moreover, Allow Unknown Sources from the settings before downloading.
  • Click on the given link below.
  • Downloading will start automatically without any delays.
  • You have to wait for some moments for the successful downloading.
  • After successful downloading, you will receive the message that you have downloaded successfully.
  • It is time to install it.
  • Open the folder where you have stored the APK file.
  • Tap on it.
  • It will ask for some permissions.
  • These permissions will be asked to access the resources of your device.
  • You have done it.
  • The installation will start automatically.
  • Wait for some moments.
  • After successful installation, you will receive a notification that you have installed successfully.
  • Launch the app by clicking on the icon of your app. Enjoy the game!

pubg lite android

Important Note
Make sure you have good internet access for downloading. This version requires a very small space as compares to original PUBG. But the best quality of this version is you can get the exact same features that are in the original game. So go to download and be a winner!If you have downloaded and installed the game successfully, that’s great otherwise you should contact me to ask for the solution to your problem. I will guide you more in comments.

 FAQ Section 

Which country is PUBG Mobile Lite available?

In the past, it was not available for many countries, but it will be launched for more countries soon like Pakistan, the Philippines, etc. Keep visiting this website for more updates.

Is PUBG Mobile Lite available in India?

PUBG Lite version has some fewer features to work on the devices that are not so good for the previous version. It is not launched in India but it will be launched soon in India.

What is beta PUBG mobile?

It is a game for mobile phones in the beta version. Beta version allows some users to play the game. If they face any errors, they inform the officials to make changes in the game.

What is the difference between PUBG and PUBG Lite?

PUBG is a full-featured game with high graphics but PUGB Lite has some fewer features as compared to PUBG. So, you have to enjoy PUBG Lite if your device does not support PUBG.

Is PUBG Lite Available in the USA?

PUBG lite is not available in any country instead of the Philippines. I have listened in the video from the official of the game that they will launch it soon for more countries.

When did PUBG Mobile Lite release in India?

There is fake news about the releasing date of this game. Don’t worry, according to the officials of the game, it will be launched in India as soon as possible.

Can we play PUBG Lite in India?

Currently, you cannot play this game in India because it is not released in India. But if you are looking to play the game in India, you have to wait for some days or weeks.

Is PUBG banned in China?

Yes! it is banned in China and it is not possible to play the game in China. The officials of the government of China has told that the name of the game is against our social and political ethics.

Can I play PUBG for free?

Yes! you can play this game free of cost on your PC.

When PUBG Mobile update will come?

It will be updated soon in the future.

 Final Verdict 

This is a most adventurous popular game day by day. The only reason it’s the popularity of this game is you can play around a hundred players. You will have to fight and be a survival.

You have to make the best possible strategies with best Engine 4 graphics with audio playback. All you need to download this game and be a part of thrilling players.

If you have any issue you can comment below. We are here to help it out. Keep visiting us for more updates. Have a blast with PUBG!